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An intimate Fado show in Oporto

Everyday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Enjoy a Fado concert in a room with amazing acoustic conditions. The proximity to the performers will take your experience to another level.


Enjoy Fado with great performers in a room with amazing acoustic conditions.


One of our performers will talk to you about the origins and characteristics of Fado.


At the start of the show we would like to offer you a glass of Port.


Children aged 12 or under will be admitted for free.

Listening to Fado in Oporto

Fado is considered to be the intangible heritage that forms a key part of Portuguese culture. More and more people are getting involved in Oporto’s Fado scene, getting to know its history and experiencing something really unforgettable.

The lyrics of Fado reflect many things: nostalgia; solitude; frustration, bygone tales of humble villages… Its magic combines the acoustic sound of Portuguese guitar, the emotion felt by its player, the fadista, and all the history captured within its lyrics.

Oporto is Portugal’s second city, whose historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; a place filled with art, history and culture. This makes Oporto’s Fado concerts all the more intimate and special. It is usually sung by one person alone, accompanied by a classical guitar and Portuguese guitar. Fado is not just music we listen to: it is music we feel; music we live.

Fermando Pessoa wrote: “Fado is neither happy nor sad […] It created the Portuguese soul before it even existed and it desired everything without having the strength to desire it […] Fado is the weariness of a strong soul, Portugal’s disdainful look at the God in which it believed and which abandoned it.” And when we listen to Fado, this is how we see Portugal’s history and the feelings expressed in every word.

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