Hygiene plan

  • Cleaning after the concert, of surfaces and objects of common use (including counters, light switches and elevators, door handles, cabinet handles).
  • Air renovation of rooms and closed spaces regularly.
  • Hygienization, after the concert, of glasses and other utensils used.
  • Cleaning the room floor, after the end of the concert.
  • Hygienization of sanitary facilities before and after the concert.


Hygiene equipment

  • Dispensers of alcohol-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution are located next to the entry / exit points.
  • Liquid soap for washing hands and paper towels, in sanitary facilities.


Rules of behavior

  • Employees are required to wear a mask whenever they are not performing.
  • Customers are obliged to wear a mask whenever they are not sent in the intended table.
  • Customers are required to wear a mask whenever they are not seated at their table.
  • A A Casa do Fado has individual protection equipment available (free of charge) for customers.


Social distancing 

  • Doors will be opened 45 minutes before the beginning of the concert, so that access to the room is made safely.
  • Customers can only access the room when accompanied by a local crew member.
  • The capacity of the room complies with the rules imposed by the Portuguese health authorities concerning social distancing.

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